By the time she started her solo around-the-world trip in 2013, Anna Grechishkina was already a seasoned motorcycle traveler. She’d spent nine years riding in Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East, mostly on her Kawasaki Vulcan 900.

After each short trip, coming home to the Ukraine and working a regular job became harder and harder. She wanted to go farther, and she didn’t want deadlines. So she followed her dream, quit her job and took off around the round with just $1,000 in her pocket. Before she left she convinced KTM to give her an 1190 Adventure to make the journey, but the rest was up to her.

To keep going, Grechishkina established a foundation called I Have a Dream. She stops at orphanages, hospitals, schools and other places to talk to children about the value of following their own dreams.

Anna Grechishkina - women adventure riders

So far, Grechishkina has ridden through 50 countries, stopping to encourage children to follow their dreams. (Courtesy

Originally she thought the trip would take a year. She’s now been on the road for almost three years and has no plans to stop soon. She’s covered 50 countries in five continents so far.

Source: ADV Pulse